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PTOSS / ProfiTrace Optional Services & Solutions
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EME No.: 041554 Part No.: 36020

Optional ProfiCore Blue Case

Blue carrying case for PROCENTEC Ultra tools.

CHF 125.40 0 Stk.
EME No.: 041555 Part No.: 18010

Optional ProfiTrace Maula Pack (ENG)

Pack of 5 ProfiTrace manuals in English including latest ProfiTrace software on USB.

CHF 93.80 0 Stk.
EME No.: 041556 Part No.: 101-00012B

Optional ProfiCore Unit Calibration

As needed ProfiCore unit calibrated for accuracy.
Please note: all units are calibrated from factory
but due to adverse conditions during use
PROCENTEC recommends re-calibration as needed or required.

CHF 230.30 0 Stk.
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