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PTSPO / ProfiTrace Software Packages Only
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EME No.: 041549 Part No.: 21020

ProfiTrace Software- Profitrace 2

Software license for PROFIBUS Analyzer software for DP / DP-V1 / DP-V2 and PA networks. Needs a license file based ONLY on ProfiCore Ultra serial no.

CHF 839.10 0 Stk.
EME No.: 041550 Part No.: 22020

ProfiTrace Software- ProfiCaptain

Software license for PROFIBUS DP master application.

CHF 613.10 0 Stk.
EME No.: 041548 Part No.: 23010

ProfiTrace Software- SCOPEWare

Software license to analyze electrical signals of PROFIBUS
visualize device health in bar graphs
and use Reporting Tool.
Requires ProfiTrace 2.

CHF 944.00 0 Stk.
EME No.: 041551 Part No.: 26010

ProfiTrace Software- Topology Scan

Software license to visualize the topology of a PROFIBUS DP network.
Requires ScopeWare license.

CHF 393.20 0 Stk.
EME No.: 041552 Part No.: 101-00231B

ProfiTrace Software- OPC License

License to enable OPC capabilites for ProfiTrace 2.

CHF 393.20 0 Stk.
EME No.: 041553 Part No.: 101-00241A

ProfiTrace Software- CommDTM

CommDTM for PROFIBUS DP-V1 devices.
Enables access from FDT frame applications like:
Pactware and Fieldcare to PROFIBUS by means of ProfiCore Ultra.

CHF 393.20 0 Stk.
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