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Connection technology
- Electrical (≥ 5.0 Amp)
  - MLX™
    42022-01x / Socket housing, 1-row
    42022-06x / Socket housing, 2-row
    42022-09x / Socket housing, 3-row
    42002-x1 / Pin strip, 1-row
    42002-x3 / Pin strip, 3-row
    42002-x2 / Pin strip, 2-row
    42021-01x / Pin housing, 1-row
    42021-06X / Pin housing, 2-row
    42021-09X / Pin housing, 3-row
    42024-x / Contact socket
    42023-x / Contact pin
    Wkzg. MLX / Tool
    42002-x / Pin strip
    36644-x / Pin-/socket housing
    36643 / Pin housing
    42022-xA / Pin-/socket housing
    42022-xB / Pin-/socket housing
    42021-xA / Pin-/socket housing
    42021-xB / Pin-/socket housing
Fuses and accessories
Thermomechanical Components
Drive technology
Electrical (≥ 5.0 Amp)MLX™
Voltage [VAC]: to 600
Current Nominal [A/circuit]: to 13.5
Crimp contacts cross section [mm2]: 0.56 to 1.25
Crimp contacts cross section [AWG]: 20 to 14
Insulation resistance [MΩ]: > 1000
Housing material: Nylon 6/6 (UL 94V-0)
Temperature range [°C]: -55 to 105
Contact resistance [mOhm]: < 10
Circuits: 1 to 15
Type No. Caption
Socket housing, 1-row
Socket housing, 2-row
Socket housing, 3-row
Pin strip, 1-row
Pin strip, 3-row
Pin strip, 2-row
Pin housing, 1-row
Pin housing, 2-row
Pin housing, 3-row
Contact socket
Contact pin
Pin strip
Pin-/socket housing
Pin housing
Pin-/socket housing
Pin-/socket housing
Pin-/socket housing
Pin-/socket housing